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Twisted Kraken Jiu Jitsu welcomes you to our martial arts family. We’re a team-oriented Jiu Jitsu school in Jacksonville, North Carolina devoted to improving lives. Our community is made up of families and individuals who treat each other with respect. This camaraderie makes Jiu Jitsu classes even more effective as students work to understand different self-defense scenarios. When you join us, you’ll never be lost in the curriculum and will learn hundreds of techniques. Start training at Twisted Kraken Jiu Jitsu to find your voice!

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About Us

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About Us:

Martial arts training is beneficial for people of all ages regardless of your experience or competitive spirit. Twisted Kraken Jiu Jitsu offers classes for those who need it the most – kids, women, law enforcement, and everyone in between. You don’t need raw strength to succeed in Jiu Jitsu. Rooted in leverage and technique, it improves confidence all while building self-defense skills. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training is a lifelong journey of growth and improvement. There’s always something to be improved and we’re here to help you succeed.

At Twisted Kraken Jiu Jitsu we adopt the Tom DeBlass Association philosophy of a better living through Jiu Jitsu. We take pride in having a safe training environment. Every adult that enters our academy undergoes a background check. Our students are protected and taught to be considerate grappling partners as well. We highlight the importance of understanding your partner and the variables in unique settings beyond practice. This way our students are well-equipped for any situation and scenario.

Our History:

Twisted Kraken Jiu Jitsu owner Teddy Johnston is a Marine veteran who served for 16 years. He started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the Marine Corps martial arts program and became a certified instructor. He wished he learned Jiu Jitsu sooner as a way to combat bullying and build confidence, but he still made the most of his journey. Teddy continued training outside of the marines in 2010 with Gracie University.

Eventually he relocated to North Carolina and trained at different gyms with the dream to one day teach his own unique curriculum. Teddy’s past at Gracie University inspired him to share the art of Jiu Jitsu and establish his own BJJ academy in Jacksonville. Today, Twisted Kraken Jiu Jitsu has grown and is a part of the Tom DeBlass Affiliation. As BJJ becomes more popular Teddy aspires to continue offering a safe training environment and change lives for the better.


Why It's Important

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We create honest, hardworking, and respectful athletes who are well-equipped for home, school, and work environments.

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Our training is goal-oriented and determined by your own objectives. We’re here to motivate you and help you constantly succeed through adversity.

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Twisted Kraken Jiu Jitsu is rooted in respect to avoid an overly competitive mindset. We celebrate the camaraderie Jiu Jitsu training brings.

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You’ll find your voice through Jiu Jitsu and discover your leadership skills.

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Martial arts doesn’t require brute strength in order to succeed but it will improve mobility, stamina, and self-defense unlike traditional sports.


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